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Friday , April 4th , 2014 : Raspberry Pi Sensor & LCD Kit Build / Part II

At the upcoming April meeting of the Tokyo PC Users Group the focus will be on installing the software needed for the sensor and LCD kit build project that participants started at the last meeting. We will take advantage of the projector and large screen at THS to display and review the python and C code used in the project. Also we’ll look at some of the basic syntax and modules used in the Python code and discuss how to apply the code in other project programming ventures. The code will be available on a RPi server on the THS local network so participants can download it to their laptops or RPi. In addition to the programs used by the kit, there will be software that enables the sensor display to start up automatically when the RPi is booted in headless mode. Participants who have a little more soldering and assembly work to do on their kit can do so during the meeting as well.

The meeting will be conducted by Michael Wright, TPC President, however as the case has been in recent months it will be a collaborative effort where the participants help each other by sharing their skills, knowledge and experience of failures and success.

The venue for the TPC April monthly meeting is the Tokyo Hacker Space. Last summer THS made the move to a new location in the Nogizaka neighborhood. It is just a three minute walk from the Nogizaka Subway Station on the Chiyoda line. Use Exit Number 3. At the top of the stairs reverse your direction and walk toward the Bridal House. You canít miss the vertically stacked display windows with wedding gowns.  After about 70 meters this road ends in a T intersection. Take a left turn. Walk this road for just under 100 meters to the second intersection to the right. THS is around the corner on the right at the second wide garage bay door/blue tarp. There is usually a THS banner at the entrance.


TIME: The door opens at 7 pm ; We will get started around 7:30
COST: General Admission, 1000 yen ; THS members, free.
VENUE: This meetings is being held at the Tokyo Hacker Space space
near Nogizaka Station. The THS web site has written directions as well
and a map.  http://tokyohackerspace.org


Saturday:  April 12th , 2014 :  Tokyo MakerCamp

The Tokyo Hacker Space is holding a Bar Camp style event on Saturday April 12th at the spacious MONO venue which is located at the Telecom Center in Odaiba. At this MakerCamp participants will determine the topics for discussion/presentation in the conference portion of the day and there will lots of opportunity to discuss your own projects with like minded makers, hackers, and DIYers. MONO has an enviable collection of equipment on site, such as, 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC machine. Mono is offering introductory classes on this equipment which will also be available for use by the participants for their projects. The emphasis for this event is on Maker so there will be lots of encouragement to collaboratively work on projects and get things done. Space is limited so it is recommended that you register soon. More information about the event is available on the Tokyo Hacker Space web site as well as registration details, http://www.tokyohackerspace.org .

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